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Dr. Miroslav Koudelka
Ancestry Research, Tours, Translation



To perform successful ancestry research in our country, one has to be able to decipher the so-called kurent because most of the needed records are handwritten in that specific, originally medieval (Gothic) script rather than the Latin alphabet we use both in Czech and English today; also, it is necessary to master, at least to a certain degree, German and Latin because records up until the mid-1800’s were conducted in those two languages; besides, one has to understand ancient Czech with the then spelling and vocabulary today already forgotten; and last but not least, to be versed in Czech history in general, including the development of administration and church structure.

That needed qualification I achieved by regular college studies of History, Czech and English (including courses of German and Latin) with a master’s degree in Teaching History and a higher degree in Czechoslovak History on the one hand, and by three-decade experience as a professional genealogist on the other hand. It is documented by hundreds of performed research projects for my clients from 18 countries of five continents, including the United States, New Zealand, Great Britain, Czech Republic or Germany, as well as a number of my articles, books and translations focusing on genealogy and heritage or my presentations at genealogical conferences in our country, Slovakia and namely the United States.

Also, I am an active member of societies exceeding national borders – the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International (headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota) and its Regional Representative for the Czech Republic, a Charter Member of the Texas Czech Genealogical Society (Temple, Texas) and a member of the Slovak Genealogy and Heraldry Society (Martin, Slovakia).

The lists of my publications and presentations, as well as response of my clients can be found in particular pages of this website.